The Young And The Restless 12-21-21 Recap | Y&R 21st December 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 12-21-21 Recap | Y&R 21st December 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 12-21-21 Recap,

Nick went to see Phyllis. He had a gift for her. He said the gift was for her. She said she didn’t have to get her anything. He said he got it before they broke up. He said it was a customed made gift so he couldn’t take it back. She said she got him something. She wanted him to see the gift.

Phyllis told Nick that he would know the gift was from her. She said it was from someone who knew him. She opened the her gift. It was an engraved locket with pictures of him and Summer. He opened his gift. It was cologne. He said she was the only one who would do that for him. She said she hoped they never lose their connection. He said he hoped they didn’t lose it too.

Victor went to Adam’s office. Victor wanted to know how things went with Chelsea. Adam said it was strange being with her. He said he told her they weren’t getting back together. Adam told him Chelsea took the job at Newman Fashion. Victor liked how Adam could keep and eye on her.

Victor asked Adam if he found out who sent him the Billy videos. Adam said he was pretty sure he knew who was. He said the person had the same intentions as them. He said he would rather focus of Billy’s breakdown. Victor was on board with discreciting Billy.

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Billy told Lily that Jack was on his way over. He said he wanted her to stay. When Jack showed up, he told Billy he wouldn’t change his mind about funding a bid for Chance Communications. Billy said it was something else. He said he and Lily agreed they should tell him.

Billy said he and Lily were working on a plan. She said they had some concerns that Jack should know about. Billy said they were going to trick Billy and Victor into exposing themselves by giving them what they wanted. Jack asked if they were going to give him a fake story. Billy said it would be one they couldn’t resist. He said they would eat it up. He said when the time was right, he would turn the tables and sue them.

Jack didn’t like Billy’s plan. Jack hoped he heard it wrong. Billy said he would hang around his old spot. Lily said Billy thought it through. Jack asked why he was obsessed with this. He said Billy could come back to Jabot. Billy said he wasn’t looking for his approval.

Jack told Billy and Lily that he wasn’t going to lie to anyone and didn’t want to be a part of it. She asked would he keep it a secret. Jack asked why he would want to do that. Billy said he wouldn’t trust him if he said anything. He said he saw the same look of downfall before. He said he hoped he was wrong.

When Billy and Lily went home, he said he was having second thoughts. He said he didn’t want to be a jerk. He said it was going to affect her too. He said nothing was more important than her so he would drop it if she thought it was too much. She said she didn’t want to hurt Jill or her family , but she didn’t believe the rumors.

Adam and Jack ran into each other at the hotel. They ended up arguing. Adam said they did what they had to do to put business first. Jack said they did it for revenge for the expose Billy did on him. Adam said he didn’t have to justify him. He walked away. 

 The Young And The Restless 12-21-21 Recap | Y&R 21st December 2021 Recap.


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