The Young And The Restless 12-29-21 Recap | Y&R 29th December 2021 Recap

Young and Restless Spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers

The Young And The Restless 12-29-21 Recap | Y&R 29th December 2021 Recap

The Young And The Restless 12-29-21 Recap,

Victoria showed up at Society as Billy was pretending to be drunk. He acted as if he was surprised to see her. He asked why she wasn’t at the play. She said she was glad that the kids didn’t see him like that. She said she didn’t think Lily would be okay with him drinking like that. She said she wished she didn’t know what Lily was going through.

Billy told Victoria she wanted to see him fail. He said she could have stopped everything by standing in the way of her father and brother. When she took the drink from him, she saw that it was apple juice. She asked what he was up to. He lied to her, but she was able to see through it. She said he was being passive aggressive. He said it was impossible to make a Newman feel guilty about anything.

Lily talked to Nate about Devon being atfached to Dominick. Nate said Devon should talk to Abby and Chance about going back to their original agreement. Lily didn’t agree with him. She said his heart was in the right place, but he was wrong. She said new parents were fragile and his idea might make it worse. Nate asked if Abby ever thought about Devon’s feelings. Lily said they were all friends and would figure out something.

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Devon was at the Chancellor estate. Abby walked in on him trying to quiet the baby. When he put the baby down, he told Abby and Chance he wanted to talk to them. He said being a godfather was incredible. They said they were grateful to have him. Devon said he wanted to amend the agreement since he spent time with him.

Chance told Devon that he thought things were going great. Devon said it was going great, but the whole experience has been more than anticipated. He said he expected a connection, but never imagined he would play a role in the birth. He said it was the best moment of his life. He said his bond with the baby deepened when she left to look for Chance. He said their agreement only worked because he planned on being a family friend. He said it has turned into more for him.

Devon asked Abby and Chance if they would consider amending the agreement to reflect his feelings. He said he would like time scheduled for the two of them. He wants to give the baby his own room. Abby said it sounded as if he was asking for shared custody. Devon said that was what he was asking.

Abby wanted Devon to tell her what she and Chance did wrong. Devon said they didn’t do anything. He said it was desires. He said he was thinking about how important it was to have a father figure. He said considering what happened, they didn’t know what the future held. He said he wanted to sign an agreement. Chance said he and Abby would talk about it and get back to him.

When Devon left, Abby told Chance she was confused. Chance said it was his fault. She said it wasn’t his fault. She said it was her fault. She said she should have left the baby with their mother. Chance said Devon was talking about him. He said he might have said something to Devon that he shouldn’t have.

Chance told Abby that he has been restless and shouldn’t have told Devon about it. He told her being a father meant the world to him, but it was harder than he thought. He said he was worried that Devon was able to do things he couldn’t. She said his relationship with the bany would grow in time. She said this is what happened with Mariah. She said Mariah eventually backed off. She said they needed to be patient.

Billy told Lily that he might have messed up the plan. He said he ran into Victoria. He said she figured out what he was doing. He said if she went to Jack, everything would be ruined. He said everything would have been for nothing. She said she would be happy when this mess was over. She said she knew how mich he wanted to redeem himself. He wondered if there was a way to win over Victoria.

Billy and Lily went to Victoria’s office. She said she knew they have been working together. Victoria accused Lily of trying to play on her emotions when she was concerned about Billy having relapsed. He asked her for a chance to talk her on to their side. He told her he wanted to repair his public image. Victoria told him to get a job. Lily said it was a poetic plan and could be a chance to get back at Adam.

Billy asked Victoria to wash her hands of Adam. He said he was determined to bring Adam down. He said he knew she wanted to do it too. She said she didn’t want to be caught in the middle. Lily wanted her to take her time to think about it. She asked if Victoria could keep their secret. 

 The Young And The Restless 12-29-21 Recap | Y&R 29th December 2021 Recap.


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