The Young And The Restless 2-12-20 Recap | Y&R 12th February 2020 Recap

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The Young And The Restless 2-12-20 Recap | Y&R 12th February 2020 Recap

The Young And The Restless 2-12-20 Recap,

Amanda told Billy that Rey arrested Ripley. She said she was going to sleep well for the first time. Billy wanted to celebrate. He took her on the roof. She thought it was crazy, but went with him. She said she felt free.

Billy told Amanda that he and Victoria talked to the kids about their break up. He said it was the right thing to do. He said living that way was stressing him. He wanted to yell. They yelled together.

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Lola talked to Rey about her marriage ending. She said she was embarrassed and hurt. He told her things would get easier. He said if Arturo was there, they would be going after Kyle. She said she thought about visiting their mother.

Phyllis called Summer. Phyllis asked where she spent the night. Phyllis hoped she wasn’t with Kyle already. Summer said she knew what she was doing. Phyllis wanted to cancel her trip to Vegas. Summer told her to go.

Kyle thought Phyllis was worried about Summer. Nick showed up. Kyle left them alone. Kyle ran into Rey. Rey yelled at him for going after someone while he was with Lola. Rey said Kyle wasn’t good enough for her. Rey called him an entitled dirtbag.

Summer told Nick that she and Kyle were getting back together. Nick said Kyle was still married. Summer didn’t care about his concern. She said they were getting together. She said she would be careful.

Kyle went to see Lola. He told her that he saw Rey. She was surprised he was in one piece. Kyle said he couldn’t disagree with what Rey said. She told Kyle his stuff was packed. He said it felt final. He asked if she was alright. She said she would be.

Lola told Kyle that people said they could work through their issues. She said any chance of that died last night. He said he wouldn’t lie. He said he was sorry. They decided to get a quick divorce. He told her it was real. He said it wasn’t forever.

Phyllis ran into Nick. They talked about Summer. He was upset that she wss following Chance and Adam to Vegas. Nick told her not to do it. She said she could handle Adam and Chance. She said she had no intention of getting screwed.

Rey brought Ripley to see Amanda. She said the tables turned. She said his life was in her hands. She said he wouldn’t be charged. She said he had to leave town and forget she existed. She wanted him to see her face knowing that she had the power while he had nothing.

Ripley brought up Amanda’s boyfriend. She said it was over. She said his life would be over if he came after her. He said it was a mistake to come to town. She handed him a ticket to Madison and left. He said she wasn’t as strong as she thought she was.

The Young And The Restless 2-12-20 Recap | Y&R 12th February 2020 Recap.