The Young And The Restless 3-16-20 Recap | Y&R 16th March 2020 Recap

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The Young And The Restless 3-16-20 Recap | Y&R 16th March 2020 Recap

The Young And The Restless 3-16-20 Recap,

Sharon went to see Victoria. Victoria thanked her for helping with the kids while she was gone. Sharon told her that Nikki was worried about her and thought she could help her. Victoria said she needed rest. She didn’t need a counselor. Sharon said she would be just a friend.

Sharon and Victoria talked about Victoria’s recovery. Sharon told her that she has cancer. Sharon said she felt like something that had to be tended too and missed living life. Victoria told her that Victor gave her boxing lessons after she broke up with Billy.

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Adam told Chelsea about Alyssa. She was his childhood friend. Chelsea wanted to meet her. Alyssa showed up. Alyssa said she was a crime reporter. She said their lives were crazy after Adam’s stepfather died. She said Hope was nice to her when her father was in jail.

Adam told Chelsea that Alyssa’s father was a loan shark. He said Victor was in town when her father died. Chelsea thought it was strange that Victor would show up when he died.

Mariah went to see Tessa. Tessa wanted her to leave. Mariah told her she was sorry for what she did. Mariah said it wasn’t her. Tessa said it looked like her. Mariah said she missed her. She felt like Tessa fell for someone else and their life together wasn’t big enough anymore. Tessa said Mariah was the last person she thought would hurt her.

Mariah told Tessa that she hasn’t seen Lindsay since that day. Mariah said she wanted to work it out. Mariah said there were different things that led to what happened. Mariah told her what was going on. Mariah told her about Power Communications shutting down and Sharon’s breast cancer. Mariah thought it would be selfish to tell her. Tessa asked if she told Lindsay.

Mariah promised Tessa that she would do better. Mariah asked for another chance. Tessa said it was over when she betrayed her. Tessa said she was done. Mariah said she didn’t know how to say goodbye. She said it was supposed to be forever.

The Young And The Restless 3-16-20 Recap | Y&R 16th March 2020 Recap.