The Young And The Restless 3-18-20 Recap | Y&R 18th March 2020 Recap

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The Young And The Restless 3-18-20 Recap | Y&R 18th March 2020 Recap

The Young And The Restless 3-18-20 Recap,

Abby made fun of Phyllis for not being able to afford to buy her out in cash. When Chloe showed up, Phyllis complimented her online marketing strategy. Chloe gave her a letter of resignation. Abby told Phyllis that other people would quit too. Phyllis didn’t care.

Abby told Phyllis that she was going away with Chance. Phyllis said he would disappoint her. Abby told her that she had a man. Phyllis said she wasn’t alone. Abby thought she was lying.

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Chelsea told Adam that Chloe was coming by for business. They talked about Alyssa. He said it was strange how his mother didn’t go to Alyssa’s father’s funeral and Victor showed up. Chelsea wondered if Victor had anything to do with his death. Adam was going to find out.

Nick told Victor that he wouldn’t give up his work to make Newman more money. Adam showed up. Nikki told him not to start anything. Adam said he wasn’t there about Newman. He said the property in Kansas was in bad shape. Victor said he would take care of it.

Adam told Victor that he did some reflecting on his trip. Adam said he made the right decision by hiring Nick. Adam said he ran into Alyssa. Victor said he didn’t know who that was.

Nick and Phyllis met with Summer and Kyle. Summer told them to get used to seeing them together. Nick was surprised that Summer wanted them to support that. Summer and Kyle said they belonged together.

Nick asked if Summer and Kyle were right for each other. Nick reminds them of how they broke up. Phyllis was offended by his comments. She called him out for judging people by standards he couldn’t meet himself. Phyllis thought Summer and Kyle would work out.

Nick told Phyllis that she stole the hotel. They got in an argument. They both had to do something. Summer told Kyle that her parents were hooking up. Kyle said her parents were sleeping together.

The Young And The Restless 3-18-20 Recap | Y&R 18th March 2020 Recap.