The Young And The Restless 3/29/19 Recaps | Y&R Friday Recap

The Young And The Restless 3/29/19

The Young And The Restless 3/29/19 Recaps | Y&R Friday Recap

The Young And The Restless 3/29/19 Recaps, Phyllis found something on the computer that wasn’t right. She told Billy about Kerry’s intern Dominque. Billy went by Ted’s desk and was shocked by a letter he saw.

Jack and Tracy talked about Summer and Kyle. Summer is going to stay in the poolhouse when she is better. Tracy wondered if Jack was going to move Kerry in. He said he had problems with Kerry. He said she keeps secrets and has lied to him. Billy called him and told him that they needed to talk.

Summer told Kyle that she wanted to go on a honeymoon. He told her that Jabot was having a product launch. He also told her that Victor thought they were on a trip. She said that she wanted to come clean to her family. While they were talking, Kyle found out that Nick didn’t know about her and Billy. She wanted him to be nice to her the way he was when she was in the hospital.

Jack met Billy to talk. Billy said he called the patent office. He found out that another company had Jack of Hearts. Jack realized that Kerry’s intern played her or she was in on it. He called Kerry so they could talk. He told Billy that she agreed to meet.

When Kerry showed up, Jack confronted her about the sabotage. She told him that she is Dominique. He got a text. She told him to answer it. She said he will find out what’s going on soon.

Abby went to see Lola. Abby wanted her to go back to the restaurant. They talked about Kyle and Arturo. Lola admitted that she knew that she and Kyle weren’t meant to be. She thought that was why she didn’t sleep with him. They talked about the signs. They talked about their love lives until Abby had to leave. Abby thanked her for believing in her.

Summer and Kyle went to Nick’s place. Summer got dizzy. Kyle said that she was brave. Nick was shocked that she was the liver donor. He said anything could have happened. He thought that she did it for Kyle. Nick asked Kyle if he loved Summer. He said he did.

Nick wanted to talk to Kyle alone. Kyle said he wouldn’t hurt Summer. He said Lola needed to be with someone else. He got a text, but didn’t answer it. Nick warned him not to hurt Summer. When Summer showed up, Nick told them that he wanted to give them a house.

Ted opened the letter and told Phyllis that their requests have been denied by the patent office. She told him to find Kerry. When Billy showed up, she told him what was going on. Billy realized that Dominique was the one who registered the patents under another company. She told him that he better not be behind it. He said he wouldn’t sabotage the company just to get revenge on her.

Billy and Phyllis found out that someone called for a meeting. Lauren showed up. Phyllis told her the text was sent by mistake. Tracy showed up. Billy said that no one named Dominique was in the lab. Lauren wanted to know what was going on. They found out about the patents. Kerry walked in. Kerry was glad they got their texts. Jack told everyone that Kerry was Dominique. Jack said she had a partner. When Billy wondered who it was, Ashley walked in the room.

The Young And The Restless 3/29/19 Recaps | Y&R Friday Recap.


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