The Young And The Restless 4/3/19 Recaps | Y&R Recap

The Young And The Restless 4/3/19

The Young And The Restless 4/3/19 Recaps | Y&R Recap

Billy talked to Jack about Victoria running away. Jack thought she was at the spa. They talked about rebuilding Jabot. They needed to plan since they didn’t have any products and no one to create them. Jack thought they should shift their priorities.

Summer let Kyle know that she can make love. He was drawn in when she told him that she missed him. They started kissing. When they finished having sex, he looked at a picture of Lola and left the bed. When Summer looked at the phone, she saw Lola’s picture.

Kyle went to talk to Jack and Billy about Jabot. While they were talking, Summer showed up. Billy didn’t want to talk about business in front of her. Kyle wanted her to stay. Jack wanted to know what ideas she had. She told him about social media and stylists. She told Jack about unboxings. Kyle and Summer brainstormed. Billy and Jack were impressed.


Elena found Devon listening to demos. She told him that his place was amazing. They ended up talking about Hilary. Elena said she knew her from GC Buzz. She said it broke her heart when she died. He said it broke his too. He wanted her to keep him company. She told him that she grew up in Milwaukee. She said she loved taking care of Uncle Jett, but she wished she could get out. Devon suggested doing something together. He changed his mind when things got awkward. She apologized for things getting awkward. They agreed to get coffee together one day.

Mariah surprised Tessa with her guitar from the pawn shop. Tessa didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Mariah told her to sing. Tessa needed to reconnect with her music alone. Tessa thanked her for believing in her.

Rey showed up at Sharon’s house and thanked her for the invitation. She couldn’t wait for the second date after the first one went so well. During the dinner, she noticed that something was wrong with him. She told him that he could talk to her. Mariah showed up and ate dinner with them. During dinner, Mariah told him that even though he arrested Sharon, he did the right thing. She told them that Tessa’s charges were dropped. Sharon was glad that the charges were dropped.

Mariah noticed that Sharon and Rey were holding hands during dinner. Sharon wanted Mariah to be happy for her. Mariah questioned him about his marriage. He told her it was only on paper. He said he would make Sharon happy. When Mariah left, they made love.

In Las Vegas, a man named Brandon knocked on Victoria’s door. He called out for Lizzie. She told him that he had the wrong room. She wondered if she needed to call security. He slipped a poster under the door promoting his band. He said he left a VIP pass for her at the box office. He wanted to know if she was as beautiful as her voice,

Victoria called the kids. When she couldn’t sleep, she picked up the poster and got dressed. After the show, the band was in her room. They posed for selfies. She told Brandon that she loved the show. She told him that her name was Jani. She said she had meetings in galleries. Brandon was impressed and called her Victoria. She told him that she was having fun. He suggested that she turned things up a notch. She didn’t want to go to the club. The party was over. Brandon wrote his number on her hand before he left. She put his number in her phone.

The Young And The Restless 4/3/19 Recaps | Y&R Recap


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