The Young And The Restless 4/10/19 Recap | Y&R Recap

The Young And The Restless 4/10/19

The Young And The Restless 4/10/19 Recap | Y&R Recap

The Young And The Restless 4/10/19 Recap, Billy called Jack to tell him that Ashley had a similar plan as theirs. Billy thought Jack assumed he was the leak. Billy ended the call. Billy talked to Victoria about how they messed things up in their lives. She thought that Victor didn’t trust her.

Victoria got a text from Brandon. He told her about a poker game. She told Billy that Brandon saw Victor at the poker game. She wanted to go to the game. Billy didn’t think she should. She wanted to have the game moved to her room. He wanted to stay there with her. Brandon showed up and wanted to move the game somewhere else because of Billy.

Billy told Brandon that Victoria’s room was the only place where he would play. When they were getting the room ready, someone was at the door. It was Sinead. She told that they knew each other.

Billy told Sinead he wouldn’t be playing the game. Victoria went to look for her father’s friend. She found out that the friend’s name was Spider. Sinead knew who Victoria was and wanted to win her trust fund. Victoria ended up winning.

When the game was over, Victoria was upset that Spider didn’t show. Brandon told Jeni goodbye. When he left, Billy and Victoria kissed. Nick asked Nikki about Victor leaving town. He wanted to know why Victor left her. They ended up talking about Phyllis and Summer. Nick said he and Phyllis were done. Nikki told him to use a dating app. He wanted to concentrate on his work.

Nick and Nikki talked about Abby and Arturo. Nikki said she tried to warn Abby. Nick wanted her to go to Dark Horse, but she wanted to spend time with Victor. Kyle told Lola that Summer was away with Phyllis. Lola wanted to talk to him. They went out to eat. Someone took a picture of them.

Nate checked on Mia. He let her know that standing up on her feet all day wasn’t good for the baby. He told her she could work if she was careful. They ended up talking about Rey and how Lola was attacked. She wanted the person in prison.

Jack told Kyle about the campaign and the leak. Jack knew he wouldn’t do that. Jack wasn’t sure about Summer. Kyle told him that Summer didn’t do it. Kyle didn’t want him to tell Summer that he suspected her. Jack said he wouldn’t say anything.

Kyle went to meet Lola again. She wanted to be honest. Someone took their picture again. They talked about his marriage. Lola knew his marriage was fake. She told him why she didn’t have sex with him.

Kyle and Lola said their lives didn’t make sense without each other. She said she would believe him if he told her he loved her. He said he didn’t stop loving her. They talked about what went on between them. They thought things would be different if they made better decisions. She wanted to know what they would be like together. She suggested that they get a room.
The Young And The Restless 4/10/19 Recap | Y&R Recap.


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