The Young And The Restless 4/1/19 Recaps | Y&R Recap

The Young And The Restless 3/29/19

The Young And The Restless 4/1/19 Recaps | Y&R Recap

Jack said that Ashley had no authority to call a meeting of the board. Kerry tried to be nice to Ashley. Kerry told her that she was Dominque. Kerry thanked her for her great work and wanted her to have a safe trip.

Jack confronted Kerry. He wanted to know if everything they shared was a lie. She told him that her feelings for him were separate. She asked him to go to Paris with her. He refused to go with her. He said she was going to suffer for her actions. She warned him about calling the police. She wished him luck dealing with Ashley.

Billy was upset that Ashley screwed them over again. Tracy told her that she was playing God with people’s lives. Jack, Kyle and Abby came in the office. Abby was happy to see her mother. Kyle and Abby found out about Ashley’s plant. Ashley let them know that the real Kerry was working at her office in Paris. Lauren asked if Ashley owned Premiere Cosmetics. Ashley said she did.

Everone wanted to know what was going to happen with Jabot. Ashley said she would save it by taking over the company. She said that all of the products developed by Dominique were hers. Ashley made fun of Phyllis for making it eash. Billy wasn’t interested in Ashley’s offer, but Lauren was willing to hear it. Ashley said if they sold to her, they would get the products back.

Billy and Tracy told Ashley that she hurt Jack, but she didn’t care. She said that her offer expired tomorrow. Lauren talked to Phyllis about Fenmore’s. Lauren wondered if it would be gone. Phyllis was said she wasn’t giving up without a fight. Lauren didn’t think Phyllis would have a choice.

Jack, Kyle and Billy were on the same page. Phyllis said she would fight for Jabot by prosecuting fraud or challenging that patents. No one liked her ideas. When it was discovered that she didn’t make Kerry sign a non-compete clause, Jack told her that they were voting her out. She felt like she was the scapegoat. Jack wanted them to vote.

During the vote, Lauren and Phyllis vote to keep Phyllis. Jack told her that she was out. She walked out. Lauren argued with them for not taking Ashley’s offer. Jack didn’t want to give in. He wanted to fight. He wanted to be CEO. He let everyone know why he should be CEO.

Sharon got ready for her date with Rey. When he showed up, they both joked about not having jobs. Nikki was worried when she saw Paul. She thought Christine changed her mind. He said he came over to hug her. He said he believed in her. He asked about Victoria. Nikki said the nightmare wasn’t over for her yet. She said Victoria had to come to terms with what happened.

Victoria called the kids and told them she was going away. The kids were upset, but she told them that she would be back. Nikki showed up and was upset about the trip. Victoria wasn’t concerned about it. Victoria wanted her to tell Billy and left.

Rey and Sharon talked about his marriage. Sharon didn’t want to rush into anything before he was ready. He said this was the beginning for them. He didn’t want to wait. They made love.

Phyllis ran into Dominique at a bar. Phyllis ordered a drink and put it on Dominique’s tab. Dominique admired her. She said their friendship was real. She told her that she would land on her feet.

Abby confronted Ashley about what she did. The vote for Jack to be CEO and to take Ashley’s offer was underway. The vote came down to Billy after Abby abstained. Billy voted for Jack.

The Young And The Restless 4/1/19 Recaps | Y&R Recap


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