The Young And The Restless 4/15/19 Recap | Y&R Recap

The Young And The Restless 4/15/19 Recap

The Young And The Restless 4/15/19 Recap | Y&R Recap

here is The Young And The Restless 4/15/19 Recap, Nikki went to Victoria’s place to talk. Victoria told her that she’s ready to move on with her life. She caught Nikki up on what happened in Las Vegas and with Billy. Nikki wanted to know what else she wanted to tell her so she told her about Victor being in Las Vegas and not in New Zealand. Nikki wasn’t happy about that at all. She was determined not to let him lie to her again. Nikki called Victor and left him a message warning him to be home or he would regret it. Nikki and Victoria were determined to find out the truth.

Billy told Traci how he and Victoria were ready to move on with each other. She was happy for him. Cane showed up and apologized to Billy for everything. Billy wasn’t sure what to think about the apology. Cane assured him it wasn’t his fault his marriage was over. Cane blamed himself for his marriage being over. After Billy left, Traci asked Cane about Lily. He told her what was going on with Lily. He believed he could save his marriage and wanted her help.

Jack went to see Abby’s restaurant. He thought they could combine the companies and be unstoppable. Abby would only agree to that when he and Ashley end their feud. She refused to work for him or her mother. Jack understood and left. Devon showed up and they talked about Mariah promoting the restaurant on the show. Abby wanted some new artists there to perform. Jack and Billy ran into each other and they talked about Abby’s new restaurant. Jack told him about the offer he made to Ashley. They both realized it was a temporary fix and that she will attack. Jack was convinced he could handle it. Billy hopes the war doesn’t ruin everyone. Jack tried to make him feel better but he wasn’t so sure about it. They ended up talking about Billy’s situation with Victoria. He’s ready to move in with her. Jack warned him about moving too fast with her.

Cane continued to talk to Traci about Lily. She advised him to fix himself before he worked on his marriage. Cane thought he messed up because he wasn’t worthy of Lily. Traci was proud of him and believed there was hope for him. Nikki and Victoria were in Victor’s office. Victor called Nikki and she demanded to know where he was. He explained he was in Instabul. He said he loved her and he hung up. Nikki told Victoria about the call. They kept looking around the office. Nikki found a bill from Las Vegas. It was a bill from a doctor. Nikki thought he might be sick. Victoria found out that the doctor was a psychiatrist. They didn’t think he would ever get a therapist and wondered what he was doing there.

Jack was home and saw Traci trying to hide something from him. She didn’t think he should see it. He wanted to see it. He saw the ad from Ashley’s company. Traci didn’t want her to stoop to Ashley’s level. Jack gave her a call and congratulated her on her stunt. Victoria was home and Billy showed up. He showed her an engagement ring.

The Young And The Restless 4/15/19 Recap | Y&R Recap.


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