The Young And The Restless 4/5/19 Recap | Y&R Recap

Young And The Restless 4/5/19

The Young And The Restless 4/5/19 Recap | Y&R Recap

Here is the Young And The Restless 4/5/19 Recap, Tracey wanted to know why Cane yelled at Billy. Cane told her that Billy told Lily bad things about him. Cane told her that he and Victoria kissed more than once. He said that Lily didn’t want to be with him over nothing. He wanted Tracey to talk to Lily for him. She told him that he brought this on himself. She said the kiss must have meant something to him. She wanted to know if something changed and he just didn’t realize it. He said things were different. He was afraid of the future. He said Lily needed her family. Tracey thought things were going on between them for a while. She said he was able to solve the situation. She thought this was Lily’s way of making things right.

Cane told the twins that Lily was getting out of prison early. The twins realized that he wasn’t happy. He told them that he and Lily were getting a divorce. He told them that Lily was moving away. Billy called Victoria. She told him that she needed time to be alone. He was upset with her for having fun with a band in Vegas. She didn’t like him checking up on her. She didn’t think she should have to justify her actions.

While Victoria was on the phone with Billy, Brandon showed up. She got off the phone. She let Brandon in her room. He gave her tickets to another show. He wanted to know if the court case was the reason why she was in Vegas. She said that her name was Jeni in Vegas. She told him to accept it or leave. He told her that he saw Victor at a poker game, but he wasn’t gambling. Brandon said he was talking to someone. She didn’t care about what he said.

Brandon told Victoria that he ran a tech company. She wanted him to tell her about it. They ended up talking about art. She told him that she liked to take advantage of opportunities. While they were talking, she kissed him. They ended up making love.

Phyllis met with Michael at the club to talk about her problems. He understood her situation. She was glad because she didn’t have that many people who had her back. While they were talking about business, she noticed Nick and Rebekah together. She thought that this was Nick’s way of moving on. Michael told her not to go over to them. She decided not to go talk to them. She ended up talking to Rebekah, but she ignored Nick. Rebekah and Nick decided to leave.

Phyllis went to the Abbott house. He thought she was there for money. She wanted to see Summer. Billy yelled at Phyllis because of Victoria going to Vegas. He said Victoria should be home with her family. Phyllis told him that Victoria could decide on her own what she wanted. When Billy left, Phyllis talked to Jack about Billy.

Phyllis talked to Jack about Nick and Rebekah. He told her that Rebekah worked for Jabot. He said she was the new consultant. Phyllis thought her life was garbage. Jack said that it was her karma. She was tired of taking all of the blame for everything that happened. She said he was swayed by Kerry too, but she was the one who was suffering the consequences. He ended up getting promoted because of it.

Jack told Phyllis that Summer gave them ideas for Jabot. Phyllis was furious. She wanted to get a chance to start over. She asked him to let Fenmore’s go. She wanted to be in charge of it with Lauren. He wasn’t interested in the idea. He said that it wasn’t personal.

When Nick and Rebekah went to his place, he told her about his club. While they were talking, they started kissing each other. They ended up in his room and made love. When they were finished, he asked her to spend the night. She wasn’t interested in spending the night.

Michael went to Cane to give him to sign the divorce papers. Cane couldn’t sign the papers. He said that he was going to fight for his marriage. He was determined to get Lily back.

When Victoria woke up, she noticed that Brandon wasn’t in her bed. He left her a note telling her to let her wild side out. Someone knocked on the door. She thought it was Brandon. It ended up being Billy.

The Young And The Restless 4/5/19 Recap | Y&R Recap.


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