The Young And The Restless 4/8/19 Recap | Y&R Recap

The Young And The Restless 4/8/19

The Young And The Restless 4/8/19 Recap | Y&R Recap

Here is the Young And The Restless 4/8/19 Recap, Victoria was upset that Billy was in Vegas. He didn’t like the way she answered the door. He told her that she forgot something. She told him about leaving the kids in order to find her. She wanted time away. She told him to leave.

When Victoria went to take a shower, Billy saw the note Brandon left for her. When she got out of the shower, he talked to her about being with a stranger. She told him that she was free to be with him. He told her not to act like that. She said she needed to forget what was going on. He realized that he shouldn’t judge anyone. She told him to leave or she would. He wanted to know why she kept running away. He wanted her to tell him the truth. She told him that he was a drama magnet. She said he was reckless and never learned from his mistakes.

Victoria told Billy that he broke her heart numerous times. He said she is more responsible than he is. They talked about her needing to be away after what she has been through. He told her that they brought out the best in each other. She didn’t want to start something new right now.

Billy told Victoria that they were meant to be. She said they tried. He wanted her to have faith in them. He kissed her. They continued to kiss until the phone rang. Brandon said there was a poker game and wondered if Victor would be there. Victoria told Billy that something was going on with her father.

Sharon confronted Rey about the ultrasound. She wondered when he was going to tell her about it. He said it was real, but he didn’t know if the baby was his. She thought it might have been Arturo’s baby. She was still upset that Rey didn’t mention the baby. He said he wanted to be happy for a while.

Sharon wanted to know what Rey would do if the baby were his. Rey said he would be there for his child, but he wouldn’t be with Mia. He said he wanted a life with Sharon. Sharon said Mia wanted her gone. Sharon said she would deal with her.

Tessa finally recorded a song she liked. Mariah listened to it and loved it. Mariah told her to call Devon. Mariah called Devon and he listened to the song. He liked it, but doesn’t trust her. Mariah asked if he trusted her. He said he would consider it.

Sharon called Mia so they could meet. Sharon told her to stay off her property or she would have her arrested. Mia told her that she has been on and off her property. Sharon said she was desperate and insecure.

Sharon told Mia about stringing Rey along while she was having an affair with Arturo. Mia called her the other woman. Mia said Rey didn’t have real feelings for Sharon. Mia said she was giving him a baby. Sharon said she wasn’t threatened by her. Sharon said Rey could have a child and not be with Mia.

Mia told Sharon that she didn’t know her. Sharon said she wasn’t hard to get. Mia said she made Rey happy. Mia said Sharon was boring. Mia had a pain. Sharon called Rey and told him she was taking Mia to the hospital.

The doctor asked Mia about the baby. Mia didn’t want Sharon to hear it at first. The doctor said she had heartburn. When Rey showed up, Mia was happy. Mia didn’t want the doctor to do an ultrasound, but Rey wanted it.

Mia was shocked to see the baby in the ultrasound. She asked Rey to leave. Mia told the doctor she wasn’t sure she was pregnant. The doctor said she was 12 weeks. The doctor said the baby was doing well.

Rey told Sharon that the baby was family whether it was his or Arturo’s baby. Sharon said she would stand by him. While they were hugging, Mia watched them.
The Young And The Restless 4/8/19 Recap | Y&R Recap.


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