The Young And The Restless 4/9/19 Recap | Y&R Recap

The Young And The Restless 4/9/19 Recap

The Young And The Restless 4/9/19 Recap | Y&R Recap

Here is The Young And The Restless 4/9/19 Recap, Phyllis met with Lola to talk about a dinner party. She wanted to have the party after everything that happened with Jack. She actually went to see her to see if she was a threat to Summer’s marriage to Kyle. Mia was happy about the fact that she was pregnant so she looked at her ultrasound again. Rey wanted to get in touch with his brother to talk about Mia. Paul surprised Rey by showing up at his place. Paul wanted to talk about why Rey lost his job. Paul didn’t want to let him go, but he felt as if he betrayed him. Rey didn’t back down from what he did.

He believed he was right regardless of the consequences. Paul wanted to give him another chance to redeem himself. He wanted him to solve what happened to Lola. Paul explained the facts of the case to him. Paul was sure a woman attacked her. Paul believed the person was targeting Abby and not Lola. Rey remembered that Mia and Abby had an argument the night Lola was attacked. He also remembered that Mia was with Arturo. Rey let Paul know that he wasn’t with Mia anymore and that he could solve the case.

Mia met with Lola and told her she was pregnant. Mia wanted Lola to help her get Rey back. Unfortunately, Mia wasn’t sure who the father of her baby was. Mia felt that she wasn’t the only guilty one in their marriage. She thought Rey was responsible because he was always with Sharon. Mia wanted to get Rey back. She advised Lola to do what she could to get Kyle back from Summer. After her meeting with Mia, Phyllis met with Summer.

They talked about the job Jack offered to Summer. Phyllis warned her about mixing business with pleasure. She also warned Summer to think before walking away from her job at Newman. Phyllis let her know that she booked a romantic evening for her and Kyle. Later on, Phyllis and Summer went to the Abbott house so she could get ready for her trip with Kyle. Jack and Phyllis ran into each other and got into an argument about his job offer for Summer. She felt like he was trying to get back at her. Kyle and Summer prepared for their trip. Phyllis talked to someone on the phone and let them know the plan was starting. Phyllis wanted the person to watch Kyle and Lola.

Jack saw an article about Ashley’s new line. He was happy because his plan seemed to be working. Mia went to Rey’s apartment to talk to him about the baby. She wanted to know if he would give her child support. She knew he didn’t have a job, but she wanted help. He let her know that Paul offered him a job if he can solve what happened to Lola. Mia panicked because of the evidence Rey told her about the night Lola was attacked. Rey let Mia know that he lied about her alibi so she wouldn’t be considered a suspect. Mia was thankful that he protected her. Rey wanted to do everything he could to help her even though he wondered if he was really the father of her baby. Paul wanted to get in touch with Arturo to ask him questions about the night Lola was attacked.
The Young And The Restless 4/9/19 Recap | Y&R Recap.


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