The Young And The Restless 5-6-19 Recap | Y&R 6th May 2019 Recap

Young and Restless 6-5-19

The Young And The Restless 5-6-19 Recap | Y&R 6th May 2019 Recap

The Young And The Restless 5-6-19 Recap, Nikki told Nick that she didn’t know what Victor was doing. She thought she would find out soon. She told him that she hired Rey to find out what was going on with Victor. Nick liked what she was doing.

Victor told Sharon that he had something shocking to tell her. Sharon is suspicious of what he had to tell her. He told her that Adam was alive. She wondered how he could be alive. She asked if he was in Vegas. Victor told her that Adam was part of a gambling ring. He said Adam goes by the name Spider. Victor said he saw him, but Adam didn’t know who he was. Victor said Adam didn’t remember what happened after the explosion. He said the doctor hasn’t been able to help him.
Victor told Sharon that she would be able to help Adam. She didn’t know what she could do to help. He said Adam was in love with her. He thought she might be the only one who could help Adam. She wondered what would happen if she was able to help him.
Sharon didn’t like Victor using her. He said they had their issues in the past. He wanted her to forget about that. He wanted her to think of it from a parent’s point of view. He said he knew that she cared about Adam. He told her that she knew how to get in touch with him.
Rey showed up when Victor left. Sharon told him that Adam is alive. Rey said he thought Adam died. She told him how Adam was alive. She said that he couldn’t remember anything. She believed Victor when he told her that. She told Rey that Victor wanted her to help Adam. Rey wondered why Victor thought she would be able to help him. She was concerned about telling Nick.
Devon asked Jett about Elena losing her mother. Jett told him that Elena was a resident at the hospital when her mother fell and hit her head. Her mother ended up dying alone. He said Elena still felt guilty about not being there to help her mother.
Mariah got a strange text. Tessa thought something was wrong. Mariah changed the subject and asked Tessa about her session. Mariah gave her a guitar strap for luck. Tessa appreciated it. Elena showed up. Mariah introduced herself to Elena. They talked about Devon. Mariah gave her information about Devon.
Mariah went to Sharon’s place. Someone knocked on the door. She was scared. It turned out to be Nick. Mariah told him that Sharon went to Vegas with Rey. Nick was upset that Rey dragged Sharon into this mess.
Sharon called Nick. She told him that Victor was playing poker with Adam. Nick couldn’t believe it. She told him that Adam didn’t remember anything. Nick was suspicious. He thought it was an imposter. She didn’t agree. She told him that Victor asked for her help. Nick thought Adam would get to her. She said she knew what he was able to do.
Sharon talked to Rey about Adam. She said Victor wanted her to bring up the past with Adam while she is in a relationship. She thought she couldn’t walk away from the situation. Rey said he would support her. He said he would help her find Adam. She called Victor and told him she would help Adam.
The Young And The Restless 5-6-19 Recap | Y&R 6th May 2019 Recap.


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