The Young And The Restless 6-3-19 Recap | Y&R 3rd June 2019 Recap

Young And The Restless 6-3-19

The Young And The Restless 6-3-19 Recap | Y&R 3rd June 2019 Recap

The Young And The Restless 6-3-19 Recap, Victoria and Billy talked about Adam. She said she hadn’t heard from Adam since she gave him Chelsea’s number. Billy thought Adam was going to do something suspicious. She thought Adam was genuine about wanting to have a life with Chelsea and Connor. Billy liked the way she handled the situation.

Sharon told Adam that Chelsea called. He was happy. Sharon was surprised that she called. Sharon told him that Chelsea was marriage and didn’t want to change Connor’s life. She said Chelsea’s husband adopted Connor. Sharon said Chelsea and Connor go by different names now. Sharon said she wouldn’t tell where she and Connor were. Sharon told him not to go after Chelsea and Connor. Victor called him so he had to leave.

Lauren wanted Phyllis to tell her that the website was down. Phyllis appreciated her concern. Lauren said she wouldn’t help Phyllis anymore if the website is still up. Lauren said Michael wouldn’t help her either.

Jack, Kyle and Summer talked about the website. Summer thought Phyllis was the one doing the website. Jack said he talked to Phyllis about it. Billy and Lauren showed up. The Jabot Collective launched. Summer was happy and hugged Kyle. Kyle told her that he hoped she found happiness.

Sharon wondered why Rey was at home. He told her that his job was to watch Adam. Rey said he was at the tackhouse and saw them together. He told Sharon not to trust Adam. She asked if he thought she was going to fall for Adam again. Rey didn’t want Adam to manipulate her. Phyllis saw Billy and thought he should be happy that Jabot Collective took off. Billy told her that Jack thought she was the one who did the website. He reminded her that she tried to take money from him to start a business to ruin Jabot.

Victor met with Adam. Victor told him to compromise with Nick when it concerns Christian. Victor thought it would be mean to take Christian out of the only home he has known. Adam said Christian is his son and no one would take that from him. While they were arguing, Adam told him about Chelsea. Adam said he was going to look for her and get Connor back.

Victor tried to stop Adam from going after Chelsea. Adam said Victor didn’t let go of him in Vegas. Victor said he would try to find Chelsea. Victor wanted Adam to do something, but Adam didn’t want to work with Victoria. Adam thought Victor was trying to control him. Adam didn’t want to be around them.

Adam saw Victoria. He told her that he would use the money she gave him to start his own company. She went to talk to Victor. She thought he was losing focus. She said he saw Adam as a victim. Victor said he didn’t need to be protected from his son.

Billy, Jack, Summer and Kyle celebrated the launch. Lauren showed up for the celebration. Jack and Lauren talked about the numbers. Phyllis showed up drunk and ripped into them. When Phyllis left, Jack asked Lauren if he thought Phyllis was behind the website. Lauren said she told Phyllis to stop the website. He was glad that Lauren was working with him. Adam got a text from someone. He was told that the person found out what he was looking for. Adam told the person to stay on top of it. Phyllis was in her car and swerved off the road. She wanted to talk to the other driver. The driver was Adam.

The Young And The Restless 6-3-19 Recap | Y&R 3rd June 2019 Recap.


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