The Young And The Restless 8-14-19 Recap | Y&R 14th August 2019 Recap

The Young And The Restless 8-14-19

The Young And The Restless 8-14-19 Recap | Y&R 14th August 2019 Recap

The Young And The Restless 8-14-19 Recap,
Abby talked to her mother about her business venture. She also told her how she’s working with Phyllis. Ashley thought she should work with someone else, but Abby thought she could handle working with her. Abby told her about her relationship with Nate.

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Ashley was happy that she’s dating her friend’s son. Abby wasn’t sure where their relationship was headed. Jack went to see Victor’s office to see Victoria. Victor didn’t believe him and wanted to know why he was really there. He thought Jack was trying to find out the side effects from his medication. Jack was thankful that he’s feeling better. He talked to him about what happened between Nick and Adam. Jack believed that Adam was going through a lot and wanted to save himself. Jack advised him to help Adam. Victor felt like nothing he did was ever enough for him.

Adam got served with a legal document that would keep him away from Christian. He told Michael about it and demanded that he do something. He also told him that there’s a restraining order on him. Adam went to Devon’s place to talk to Elena about what happened at the park. Elena met with Nate so Devon put Adam on notice about staying away from Elena. Adam told him that he wasn’t a bad guy. He told him that Victoria lied about him. Devon didn’t feel sorry for him. He told Adam that Christian was the only victim. He tried to explain to him that a child could use all the help he could get. Devon thought he should be willing to compromise with Nick. Devon wondered how the restraining order happened. Adam knew Nick couldn’t pull it off so someone helped him.

Adam went to see Victor because he figured out that he got the restraining order against him. Victor explained why he did it. He wanted to do what was best for Christian. He refused to watch what he was doing to his son. Adam reminded him how he didn’t raise him. Victor didn’t want Adam to go through a custody battle. Victor told him how he already ruined Christian’s life. They ended up arguing about it. Adam apologized for disappointing him. He felt he would have been a better person if Victor had been there for him. Victor wished he didn’t give him another chance. Adam refused to go anywhere, but Victor promised he would regret it. Adam was determined to get his children back and take everything from Victor.

The Young And The Restless 8-14-19 Recap | Y&R 14th August 2019 Recap.


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