USA Coronavirus Outbreak

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Total Cases


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Total Coronavirus Cases in the United States

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Active Cases

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Daily New Cases in the United States

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Total Coronavirus Deaths in the United States

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Daily New Deaths in the United States

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Coronavirus Cases By State (COVID-19)

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Newly Infected vs. Newly Recovered

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March 19

180 new cases and 5 new deaths in the United StatesDeaths include:

  • 1 death in Louisiana: a patient in his 60s with underlying health conditions (source)
  • 1 death in Georgia (source)
  • 1st death in Maryland: a man in his 60s with an underlying medical condition (source)
  • 1 death in Washington State: a woman in her 80s with underlying health conditions (Source)

March 18

1127 new cases and 8 new deaths in the United States

New deaths include:

  • 1 new death in Santa Clara County (California) : a man in his 50s (Source)
  • 1 new death in Tarrant County (Texas): a 77-year old man (Source)