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Young And The Restless News December 2019| Y&R

Former Y&R Actress In New Movie

Former Y&R actor Linden Ashby (ex-Cameron) will be starring in a new movie in 2020. He will be in a movie called Escaping My Stalker. The movie will be on the Lifetime Movie Network. The movie will debut on January 1, 2020 at 8:00 p.m.

Escaping My Stalker is about a homeless teenager named Taylor who is adopted by Linden Ashby and Alexandra Paul. After being off the street for a while, someone from Taylor’s past starts stalking Taylor. The stalker goes after Linden’s character. Taylor gets help from her friends to find out who is stalking her. She finds out that the person is closer than she realized.

Linden Ashby will be wearing two hats in this movie. He will be directing the movie in addition to starring in the movie. This is Linden’s first movie directing job. He has directed an episode of Teen Wolf in 2017.

Linden has been busy filming the Netflix series Trinkets. The second season of the show will air in 2020.

Young And The Restless News December 2019| Y&R


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